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In 2018 I received a call from a friend who told me she was just diagnosed with breast cancer.

I gave her Pastor Jan’s breast cancer healing testimony, and the church site to watch the church service video to watch Pastor Jan’s testimony.   I also sent her information from Ty Bollinger regarding cancer cures and 3 booklets from our church bookstore on healing confessions.
I told her to cut out all sugar from every source in her diet, only cook from scratch with organic produce, only eat grass fed beef, free range chickens, free range chicken eggs and read labels and the little stick on white codes on produce (only purchase produce which starts with a #9, never buy if starts with a #3 or #4 as these are either GMO produce or have been sprayed with pesticides to kill insects and these pesticides get into our cells).
I told her to put Frankincense oil in her water, coffee, or  tea, put a drop under her tongue each morning and evening, and to chew one  Frankincense resin chunk couple times a day like gum spitting it out after an hour or so, then each evening before bed, put one chunk of  Frankincense resin in a glass of water – and in the morning drink this water, tossing out the chunk.
I also told her to rub Frankincense oil, Ledum oil and Lavender oil over her breasts, under arm pits and down along side of her breasts to the waist.  Do this often daily.   As she rubbed this mixture I asked her to say “I plead the blood of Jesus over these oils to go into my body and kill any cancer at the root in Jesus Name”
I sent her the booklet God Creative Healing by Capps and I highlighted many areas for her to speak over her body.
The one she used the most was  …     HEY Cancer, you listen to me, you have no home in my body and you must go now in the Name of Jesus…
She had follow up appointment with her doctor who was going to set her up for lumpectomy or possible mastectomy.    Radiology redid the ultra sound and the tumors had shrunk half in size from previous scan when first diagnosed.    Of course, the doctor was confused but pleased.  So decided to recheck her in 2 months.  She returned and there were only 2 nodules left which were smaller than before.
Upon repeat Ultra sound and recheck in April 2019 there were no tumors or cancer anywhere in the breasts.     Doctor was totally confused and surprised.  He asked her what she had been doing, she said she just shrugged her shoulders and said she went all natural.
In the middle of this going on in her body, her husband went in for his yearly employment physical.   He was found to have lung cancer.   She called me and I told her to do exactly the same thing for him, only to rub the same combination of oils all over the front of his torso and all over his back over both lungs several times a day.   And to pray over the oils as she rubbed them in.

He went for recheck in 2 months and the lung tumors were smaller, but still as many as previously.    He returned 2 months later (refusing chemo) and the number of tumors were reduced not only in number of tumors but in their size.  He had ultra sound done 6 months after diagnosis and there were only 2 tiny nodules left which were very small.   This pulmonology doctor was totally confused what was going on.  Said he wanted to recheck him again in 2 months time.

When her  husband went in for this recheck there were no tumors left and the lungs were totally clear and healed.     This doctor pressed them asking what they did because this is impossible.

She told the doctor that God can do the impossible and they went all natural.

I just received a thank you note in the mail from her where she said that they have two very confused and surprised doctors that can’t figure them out

They are so thankful for Pastor Jan’s testimony which  they watched over and over while going through this, and for the  teaching of how to use God’s Word, the oils, the correct way to eat and friends to share with them.    They now can spread their good news to others.  God gets the GLORY for these two healings.


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