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Recipe for a Flu Bomb

Welcome to our Health and Wellness Newsletter.   Since we are starting to be inside more with the fall season almost here, it is time for us to make sure we are aware of natural help for flu and virus bugs.   Garlic is a natural antibiotic and cayenne pepper is also a secret healing help.

We need to keep our immune system boosted up well.   Get plenty of sleep, between 10pm and 2am is when our bodies immune system works to heal itself and our bodies.   So if you are not sleeping during these hours your are stressing your immune system.
One of the foods that boosts our immune system is sweet potatoes.  They are even good for breakfast too. 
You can put 3 or so in a crock pot for 4 hours and have perfect sweet potatoes without a mess.   Just wash off with soap and water, put in a small amount of water in a crock pot.  Then when cooked just take a sharp knife and make a slit down one side and it is easy to peel off the skins.    Great with essential oil in butter, like clove, nutmeg, cinnamon bark etc.   

Here is a great recepe for flu bomb for us to have ready all the time.

Recipe for Flu Bomb, also for any other virus or covid virus
2 cups of water, 5cm of ginger peeled and sliced 2 large cloves of garlic Simmer on stove Add as much cayenne pepper as you can handle (1/4tsp or 1/2tsp) This comes in powder form or liquid form which we in the Fox Valley area are so fortunate to have Alice Miller
nearby where we can go get a bottle of cayenne pepper.
Juice of 2 lemons 1 Tbsp raw organic honey
You will get very used to this flavor, use less of the cayenne pepper for children.
I am posting a video below here for you to watch to see how it is made. This is from Barbara O’Neill’s recipe, she was a marvelous holistic physician in Australia and wrote the book
Heal By Design, which is available on Amazon and a very easy read to learn about our precious and perfectly made bodies
Also, do not forget the garlic water which you can so easily make quickly for flu, sore throat, colds, most any illness that knocks a person down for a bit.
6 cloves of peeled garlic
3 cups of water
. put cloves in water and bring to a boil.  Boil for 3 minutes and turn off.   Let the garlic water cool down.
Strain the water into a glass jar and store in refrigerator.  Use a plastic lid or wax paper/parchment paper if using a metal lid.   
Drink 3-4 tablespoons twice a day and if sicker then drink 4 tablespoons 3-4 times a day.
You can mash the garlic cloves and rub over chest and back for chest colds, over throat for sore throat.  Cover the mashed garlic with a strip of plastic wrap like handi wrap, then cover with a damp towel and place a dry towel over the top of this poultice and leave on over night or for a few hours.  You will smell like garlic but it will draw out infection quickly.  Also can lay it on the back over lungs too, after the chest area.  
REMEMBER:  GARLIC IS AN ANTIBIOTIC and often works inside and outside better than chemical antibiotics.    
Enjoy this great video and recipe from Barbara   if you get a black rectangle with 2 white dots, just click on the red arrow and it will bring the video up for you.