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Why Take Cayenne Pepper?

Transcribed from Dr Barbara O’Neill
Any of you who are interested in your health, please go into internet and bring up the different articles/reports by Dr Barbara O’Neill.  She and her husband were physicians in Australia who were kicked out for curing cancer, diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, liver disease, thyroid disorders and diseases –  Truly all parasitic based, get rid of the parasites and you are going to be disease free.  IT IS TRUE!
Cayenne pepper moves blood
Cayenne Pepper can be used internally and externally
The easiest way to take Cayenne Pepper is to put 1/4 -1/2 teaspoon      of Cayenne Pepper in a half glass of milk (goat milk is the best) or       in some yogurt, or just in a glass of water, it will tingle a bit but stop
    Add to the liquid and stir it up and drink it down
Cayenne Pepper thins the blood, making the blood the proper thinness your body requires.
Many people have stopped taking Coumadin and Warfarin (chemical toxic blood thinning medication) and go on Cayenne Pepper) 
One lady told Dr O’Neill that her husband’s doctor told her I don’t know what your doing but keep doing it as he is doing so well with his lab numbers it was amazing and he was only on Cayenne Pepper not Coumadin  –  and he could continue to eat normal foods not watching blood thinning reactive foods and no bruising or black skin under skin surface bleeding
The Cayenne Pepper was keeping his blood nice and thin 
No side effects to the Cayenne pepper either
Cayenne Pepper not only thins the blood, but strengthens the arterial walls 
**  Cayenne Pepper also has the ability to rebuild the heart muscle 
   READ THIS AGAIN-   It has the ability to rebuild the heart muscle -amazing
A lady Dr Barbara attended one day after just having a heart attack, it was at a health retreat in Melbourne – she got a call that a lady had a heart attack and Dr Barbara went running down and her husband was there, he said that she has had 3 previous heart attacks this year and she was 80.   
When Dr Barbara looked at her she was very pale, there was a man holding her pulse and he said the pulse is almost gone – and Dr Barbara said quick – Cayenne Pepper –   Dr Barbara took about 1/2 teaspoon and put it straight into her mouth and in about 2 minutes time the man holding the pulse yelled out “The Pulse is strong”  
In 65 seconds  all of the blood came back into her face , she blinked, she sat up and we gave her a glass of water.   She said she didn;t even feel the heat in her mouth from the cayenne pepper.    
What did that cayenne pepper do?   It immediately thinned the blood, it opened up all of the capillaries and got a dramatic delivery of blood 
all through the body  
When you think about it, one minute for one drop of blood to go around the whole body.
There are glands under your tongue called the sublingual glands and it can take the cayenne pepper straight into the blood.  
So it is very dramatic for heart, cancer, digestion, healing 
Can heal wounds, keep wounds dry while healing.  
It is a very magical Herb to have handy.   Comes in powder form and liquid forms.  If you know a naturopathic physician, they usually have it homemade in tincture form.
For your health and heart.