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Feburary 5, 2022   –    Healthy Gut Power Tools Part 2

January 19, 2022   –  Healthy Gut Part 1                      A summarization of the healthy Gut Zone by Dr. Don Colbert.


Older Health and Wellness posts from 2018-2021.

March 8, 2022- The Healthy Gut Zone Versus The Blue Zone (Part 1)

April 26, 2022- 7 Benefits of Elderberry

During the spring season when allergies or cold virus can be around, here is a great help. Even Elderberry jam is good too. You can get Elderberry syrup at local health food stores


May 7, 2022Coffee + This = Fast Metabolism: Today’s article below from PaleoHacks will discuss the pros and cons.  Keep in mind that “Bulletproof coffee” is also a brand of high quality beans too, but this article will focus on the method of blending fats into coffee instead…

May 7, 2022- Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

I found this report on 9 health benefits of Vinegar and wanted to share this to go along with the previous email we received on vinegar foot baths. Even as simple as rinsing your hair after shampoo is another great benefit to healthy hair.

May 22, 2022- Pistachios

My Favorite Fat Burning & Heart-Healthy Snack.  *Make sure you are getting plenty of water also. If you are thirsty, then you are very dehydrated. Our cells need to be hydrated. So make sure you are getting at least 8 to 10 eight ounces of good pure water daily. Coffee, tea, juices do not count. In fact they actually dehydrate the body.

May 29, 2022- Homemade Tick Repellent

Ah Summer !! The beauty of the spring flowers. sweet smells, and warm weather. With us being outdoors more we may experience Ticks so I copied Mama Z’s Homemade Tick repellent recipes for clothing and body. Always in good health because we were healed, Dixie

June 2, 2022- Nutrients levels of fruits and vegetables from the store.  As we are now starting our gardens now and I just could not pass up sharing this with all of you. We all want the best nutritional value from our foods, of course. Cutting up an orange and letting it sit causes it to lose nutrients. Imagine the juice we buy in a store.

June 7, 2022- Article on Alternate to Aluminum Foil & Better methods for tooth burshing.   We are beginning to grill out and so many people are unaware of the dangers of aluminum foil used in kitchens or wrapping up foods to take along outside for grilling.  Also, I sent the article on tooth brushing. 

June 18, 2022- 11 Healthy Herbs that Help Keep Disease at Bay from Ty Bollinger

June  18, 2022-  Make Your Own Ant Killer

June 22, 2022- The Oil of the Week Dill Essential Oil

July 4, 2022-  Highlights #1 Constitutional right to make our own and our family’s medical decisions.  Highlight #2- Oil of the Week Lemon Essential Oil


July 30, 2022- Alternative Care for Our teeth 

August 27, 20222 Concentrating on Flax seed and the benefits for us

September 7, 2022 Stop using teeth whiteners now. We need to get back to natural products like Baking Soda-a great whitener (without aluminum). 

September 10, 2022 Because of the world we are living in, we do need to be aware of what is being done to some countries. Because this does affect health I wanted to share it in our newsletter. If they are doing this to these precious people, why do we think they would not wish to bring it here also. We need to become alert, awake and aware.


This report/video is being shared from Sydney Lee Larsen CEO/Founder World Co-op, LLC A Global Humanitarian Co-Operation 108 West 13th Street Wilmington, Delaware 19801 – USA

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