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May 7, 2022


As the spring season is now upon all of us, we are thinking yard work and being outside more in summer clothing. Our thoughts go to – I need more energy and slowly working those winter muscles again – and oh my I need some fat burning quickly. Our metabolism gets a bit sluggish over wintertime. I found this article from Nutrition Watchdog and wanted to share it with you. Butter and a bit of coconut oil (it does come in the coconut flavor or without the coconut flavor) This stirred into our coffee boosts our metabolism and puts our bodies info fat burning mode. Do get out, walk in the morning grass barefoot while the dew is still on top of the grass, gaze at the sun as it rises to restart your biological body clock, make sure you are drinking plenty of good water, we need more water than we normally get. Symptoms of dizziness, lightheadedness, shaky, back-leg pain may all be symptoms of dehydration. Pray for our country, we are so blessed to be in this great land.

In recent years, the “bulletproof coffee” technique of blending grass-fed butter and MCT oil into your coffee (as a way of boosting your metabolism, putting your body into a fat-burning mode, and increasing energy) has been very popular… Today’s article below from PaleoHacks will discuss the pros and cons.  Keep in mind that “Bulletproof coffee” is also a brand of high quality beans too, but this article will focus on the method of blending fats into coffee instead…

Adding butter and MCT oil to your coffee:  Does it help with fat loss and energy?  (Please Fwd this email to your coffee-loving friends and family if you found this article interesting)

Coffee + This = Fast Metabolism:

If you enjoy your coffee, your life is about to get a whole lot better 🙂  The newly discovered 10-second coffee trick you’ll see at the link below naturally transforms your morning coffee into a fat-burning dream.  Plus, it makes everything you love about coffee so much better.  Here’s to kickstarting your morning off right.


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