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Dr. Don Colbert Hormone zone

Did you realize it is really restore our energy, and to feel 25 again ?  And all naturally besides.   Well it is possible.  And, this is what we are going to be learning about in the next few newsletters. 
Hormones are chemical messengers that regulate our bodies.  Dr. Colbert says that If you are female or male and if you are  “breathing” you will be affected by hormones.  
Dr. Colbert explains that someone who feels exhausted,  nig, ht sweats, hot flashes, brain fog, lethargy, weight gain, dry skin, hair loss, lateral outer edges of eyebrows disappeared,  moody, irritable, depression, cold hands, cold feet crepey skin, saggy skin, has feelings of anger or road rage may be reflecting hormone imbalance.  
In ladies, after menopause 30-40% of collagen is lost within 5 years of starting menopause.   
Men need testosterone to help continue to build muscle and for brain health.   
Food is our medicine and this is the key.  We need to eat healing foods.   The body usually craves the very foods that cause inflammation in our bodies,  Just what we should not be eating.  Make a list of what foods you crave to get an idea of your choices.   
I crave cheese, raw carrots, and dried apricots.   Now I realize that cheese in my system has affected the bones in my index fingers which could be an indication of arthritic issues in future, but not active so no discomfort.  When I stopped eating cheese, these bumps on the knuckles started to decrease in size and are almost gone, inflammation was caused by my choice of cheese. We need to watch foods that create inflammation in the body which so many of you learned when you studied the Keto diet.  
We are so blessed to have doctors like Dr Don Colbert to teach and guide us.  There were physicians in the Bible and one we know well was Luke. He was a great physician, but he did not use chemicals or synthetics in his concoctions.
Balancing and Optimizing our hormones can relieve symptoms and we can feel young again and look young again.