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June 22, 2022- The OIL of THE WEEK DIll Essential Oil, and Benefits of dill Weed Plant

El Shaddai Health and Wellness Newsletter. Welcome to Summer. I will start sharing The Oil of the Week with you. This weeks Oil is Dill Essential Oil, and Dill weed plant benefits.

Happy first day of Summer.   
The pollinators and butterflies are spreading their love throughout our yards and garden areas.
The honey bees are gathering dew drops from the leaves and there seems to be more bees this year which is also a good sign   
Having a vibrant pollinator population in your garden area can make a huge difference between a bountiful vegetable and fruit harvest or a scant harvest.    Even if you don’t keep honeybees, native pollinators can efficiently do the job of pollinating your fruit and vegetables if you invite them in.  


Time now to enjoy Dill Weed from your gardens.  I keep a bunch in the refrigerator, grab a few raw sprigs and chew them.   I made a pasta/feta cheese salad for a Sunday night gathering and snipped dill into the olive oil & Honey dressing.  .There are so many marvelous benefits to Dill Weed and Dill Essential oil.  I will list them for you.   Especially good for our stomach/gut health. 
Dill Weed is right in minerals, phosphorus, copper, magnesium, vitamins A and C, potassium, calcium, iron and zinc.  
* Just 1 pinch of raw dill is enough to meet 40% of the daily Vitamin C needs of an adult
Very good for stomach upset, nausea and abdominal pain relief, mouth odor removal, and digestive system problems  
Dill is particularly useful for nausea, upset tummy, stomach pain, removal of bad breath and digestive system problems.  Also, a natural help for breastfeeding   It also is very effective for removal of gas pains of infants and children.    Because it is a fiber-rich food, it is consumed as a solution for digestive problems. 


Dill oil is an essential oil which is used for calming and soothing effects. In ancient times, this oil was topically applied by Roman soldiers before they went into battle. They believed the calming effects of the oil protected them from becoming too nervous or stressed.   

One drop in salads, foods is suggested, but use with caution internally in drinks as some people may be sensitive to this strong oil.  Always mix it with a carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil.  One drop in salads, foods is suggested

The dill seed oil version is regarded for its caraway scent because it contains a higher amount of carvone content. Dill weed oil emits a fresh and spicy odor.

The uses of the oil are mainly antimicrobial, antispasmodic, or sedative in nature. Very sedative effect and healing for the gastrointestinal system. The oil is used as an antimicrobial because of its high concentration of the ingredient carvone. When the oil is mixed with creams or lotions, it is used to heal wounds.

This oil has at least 10 aromatic compounds. While dill seed oil and dill weed oil have different compositions, they primarily act the same when used in healing or therapy. The composition of dill seed oil includes constituents, such as limonene, a-pinene, decanal, y-Terpinene, terpinene-4-ol, cis-Dihydrocarvone, trans hydrocarbon, carbone, and dillapiole.


Dill weed oil contains constituents, such as carvone, limonene, α-phellandrene, 3,7-dimethyl-4,5,6,7-tetrahydro coumaran. The constituents in dill weed oil make it milder in composition because it contains less carvone and more of a substance called α-phellandrene.


As noted, dill oil can be used to treat indigestion or to calm the nerves. You might say that this oil is a great stress reliever and one that can safely be used by both adults and kids. The oil’s qualities make it the ideal antidote for family use. read on to find out more about the benefits of this wonderful essential oil and how you should use it.

Dill oil is actually used in several ways including food, soap and perfume production because of its wonderful aroma.  However, it also has a range of potential medicinal uses and is becoming well-known for its natural healing properties.

For example, dill essential oil has the following medicinal properties:

  • Antimicrobial properties : Dill essential oil has powerful antimicrobial actions because it contains high levels of carvone. (1)
  • Antispasmodic properties : Dill oil can relax the body and prevent or ease the severity of various spasms in the body.
  • Sedative Properties : Dill essential oil has mild sedative actions that can calm the mind and induce drowsiness which is helpful for people struggling with insomnia or anxiety.


Like so many essential oils, dill can be used by people who find good quality sleep hard to come by. Insomnia can cause a range of issues for the millions of people who suffer from the condition. They include daytime drowsiness, the inability to focus and concentrate during the day and can eventually lead to a host of physical illnesses.

To help get a better night of sleep, you can inhale dill oil in a diffuser or add a couple drops of the oil to your pillow or bed sheets. This oil is highly recommended for anyone who suffers from insomnia especially as part of an overall plan.


You can use this oil to get rid of inflamed throats or problems with inflammation in the oral cavity overall. By adding a tiny amount of the essential oil to a herbal tea, such as chamomile tea, you can enjoy relief from sore  throat pain. Mix a drop of Dill oil in warm water and gargle once or twice daily for sore throat.  Do not swallow the gargle mixture as there will be bacteria germs in the gargle  mixture.  

Before using essential oils like dill oil internally, use only 1 drop as it can be sensitive for some people.  Raw dill weed is safe to chew/eat/ add to foods as often as wanted.