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June 18, 2022 Ants are making there appearance now.

El Shaddai Newsletter for you: Ants are making appearances now.  Notice what wonderful workers they are, they are in constant motion, never stopping to rest.  They work endlessly and we need to observe them.  They work together united in their efforts. But we don’t want them in our homes. A couple easy and quick retardants I use in Florida are: Peppermint oil spread or sprayed along threshold/floor of doorways and raw slices of cucumbers laid along doorways. We have all sorts of ants here in Florida. Some so small you can’t even see them, but you sure as heck feel their bite. How can they have teeth to bite at the size smaller than a period dot on a paper.? Their bite itches and hurts for 3 days, Unkers is the only relief. Then the fire ants. When outside visiting with neighbors or standing by mail box you need to keep your feet moving like you are marching. A bite from one of these fire ants leaves an oozing sore for over 3 weeks and usually a dark scar spot.