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HOrmone Balance

Just how healthy do you really want to be?   

Of course we all naturally want to be as healthy as possible.  Our Health is a blessing from God.  Jesus took all illnesses and diseases on Him on the cross for us.  So….. We were Healed   Isaiah 53:5  and 1 Peter 2:24 tell us that we were healed.
So many are still sick, some we impose on ourselves, others are imposed upon us.  We reach a certain age and are told at that age to expect this or that to occur, we do not need to accept this – because We Were Healed.  We already Have our healing.  But according to Dr Don Colbert our bodies get out of balance and it is critical to balance our hormones so we can expect increased Metabolism, Better sleep, More energy, Greater focus, Weight Loss, Improved Stamina, Thicker hair, Wrinkle free skin, Demencia protection, Alzheimer’s protection, Parkinson’s protection, Warm hands and feet, Zest for life.   That’s how healthy we want to be ……..
Dr Colbert says for years people have been told to make sure their hormones are balanced,but the medical field has not been doing the full scope lab work to help balance hormones and never considered optimizing hormones which is the secret of true hormone health.   
Dr Colbert says imagine you have practiced running to do a 5K run and show up the day of the race to pick up your jersey and you are given a choice to carry a 100 pound rock, a 50 pound rock or no rock at all.   
If your hormones are out of balance, it is like you are carrying the 100 pound rock to deal with.  If  our hormones are balanced then we get the lighter rock to carry.   But if our hormones are optimized  then we have the zero pound option, which is what this newsletter is going to be all about.  
That is what it is like when the hormones are out of whack and out of balance, this is when we have symptoms and diseases knocking at us and life can be hard to deal with.  
Dr Colbert said we should not be just happy with balanced hormones, we need to have our hormones optimized …. 
Our bodies were built to run a good race in life, healthy.   
Let’s get back to looking and feeling stronger, healthy and feeling like we did when we were younger.  
This is going to be a fun adventure together with each other and we will enjoy doing this together  and it will be a life change that can last forever.