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Chick-Fil-a Cauliflower Sandwich

When I first heard that Chick-Fil-A was going to start serving up Cauliflower Sandwiches, my first thought was… WOW… you can get a vegetable sandwich at Chick-Fil-A??!?

But my second thought was…

What are in those sandwiches?

Knowing the crazy amount of processed ingredients they put in their chicken sandwiches…Let’s just say I was REALLY suspicious. 

And now that I have the full list of ingredients for the Chick-Fil-A Cauliflower Sandwich in my hot little hands, it’s safe to say my suspicions were confirmed. 

This sandwich is NOT what you’d think. 

See for yourself…

Read my NEW Chick-fil-A investigation: Click Here!

I get so angry when I see products like this because I used to be so duped by them! It checks all the boxes I’d look for… lower in calories, plant-based, easy to pick up on my busy lunch break. 

Well thankfully, I’m duped NO MORE. 

If you love Chick-Fil-A…don’t despair! I have incredible copycat recipes that will satisfy your cravings without the nasty ingredients:

All of the major media networks (Today Show, CNN, Yahoo, The Washington Post, USA Today, Fox Business) wrote about Chick-fil-A’s new Cauliflower Sandwich and never even bothered to investigate or report about the ingredients. All they did was promote it. It’s shameful! This is why it’s important to seek out independent investigative reporting on topics like this.

See what’s inside Chick-fil-A’s new Cauliflower Sandwich here! 

Please read and share this investigation with your friends and family. Don’t let them be duped!

In thinking about this report on Chick-fil-A   – I am thinking that the grilled chicken sandwich is probably safe as it is a chicken filet, but when it is deep fried then chemicals can and may be added to the flour mixture that coats the filet.   Also be wise about using their sauces or any of the sauces which are prepackaged, these can be loaded with all sorts of chemicals.   Many people report that quickly after ingesting these they get gut reactions of explosive diarrhea, same with breakfast potatoes, hash browns, American fried potatoes served at restaurants for breakfasts.  They are using cheap fake oils, not butter or natural oils.  Our bodies do not like this.