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Praise God that we have the connection to Dr Don Colbert who has taken extensive amounts of extra educational training on just the hormone system

When we decide to improve our body system, it takes time and effort, as well as reading and learning the truth from the wrong information.

Praise God that we have the connection to Dr Don Colbert who has taken extensive amounts of extra educational training on just the hormone system, and now he is sharing this with all of us.  We are so blessed.

If you do not think you’re blessed, then sit back and think about it, when God protected you, when God gave you the position you are in at work, when God set up the meeting with your spouse just because He knew it was a perfect match, times when He moved things that we are not even aware of that were about to harm or hurt us.    
I remember well a time when we were in Toronto, Canada at a convention.  The streets were quite empty that early morning as we walked to the convention hall.   Some of us were acting goofy and silly, I dared some of them to hop one legged off the curb and then hop back up backwards (I know it sounds silly, but we were about to sit so long I thought it would move our leg muscles).   As I hopped down I heard a loud roar and there came a race car speeding and I can still feel what felt like I whacked into a wall, but it didn’t hurt.   I know it was the Hand of God that just reached down and held me back.  Everyone stood there shocked at how quickly I stopped and was missed by that car.   We need to Thank of Father God for his protection, blessings, friends, family, church family, our pastors, our country.   we can go on  and on.   ….   Just be grateful all tghe time,
We need to live the life we want and we can do this when we are in balance and healthy.   
Dr Colberrt, like the Dr in Green Bay, knows all about the client when they come into the office.   You fill out countless history, past history information which is critical to the doctor, other forms and questionnaires and these forms are sent to the doctor well prior to the first clinic visit.  The doctor knows every complaint, concern, blood test, past surgery, sleep issues, exercise habits, the food we eat, personal issues, vital signs and so much more.  The doctor needs to know us, inside and out literally.

During the first 1 hour visit all of the pieces of this information will come together enabling the doctor to focus “like a laser” on creating a plan to meet just your/our needs and address the very real symptoms.
Then in follow up visits the doctor will answer further questions, go over your progress and adjust the treatments as needed
Usually witi\hin three to six months the patient is a completely transformed person.   Isn’t this marvelous ? 
What is sad is that most patients only get from their primary care doctor medications that never seem to improve their symptoms.  But, doctors are only trained to either prescribe medications or cut the body open to do surgery. 
In medical school as in nurses training there is less than 3 weeks focused on health, diet, how the body heals itself.   So it is very understandable that medications are passed out just to block the symptoms which only create worse symptoms and conditions. 
Most people who have brain fog, sluggishness, depression, weight gain, insomnia, slow metabolism, ED dysfunction, cold hands or feet, memory issues, muscle loss etc, are not going to find the answers they need by taking a medication.
And when the real reason for the symptoms is not addressed, things usually only get worse.  – and the cycle only spirals downwards for the patient.   
This is why Dr Colbert and Dr Steve in Green Bay take the amount of time they do with clients to find out what is best for each patient and include in their care what is best for each patient.  

We are so BLESSED to have a clinic so nearby to us in Green Bay which can offer exactly the same course of action and care for our hormones.   Most people need to drive hours to get to a clinic like we have just north of us.   
And so now we begin our health journey to not only balance our hormones, but to optimize them.