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May 14, 2022-

I was doing some research and found these articles. In spring we think of doing some fun experimenting, at least I do. I remember my younger brother, sisters and myself hunting chickweed and eating it. Now we realize how good that is for us. I love the GrowNetwork with Marjorie from wildcraft. She is a medicine woman with wealth of knowledge. Also I sent how to make your own cream cheese since brands like Pillsbury are using fetal tissue/cells in the product. Free Market has all natural cream cheese also

Wild Chickweed: How to ID, Harvest, and Use It for Food & Medicine

Wild chickweed is amazingly nutritious! Learn how to identify this mild-tasting green and how to harvest and use it as food and medicine.

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How to Make a Wild Sourdough Starter

You can make your own wild sourdough starter in 6 easy steps. Here’s how to capture wild yeast, plus how to maintain and use your starter.

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How to Make Cream Cheese – One Ingredient Homemade Cream Cheese Recipe