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We are in the Dandelion season.   These are truly a gift from God for us.  We have been brainwashed into thinking we need to chemically remove them from our yards. 

KILL CANCER CELLS:   Dandelion root is able to kill 98.9% of cancer cells within 48 hours .  Not only that, but the roots act as a powerful anti-inflammatory, immunity booster, antioxidant and organ detoxifier
Of course, when there is a weed that will kill cancer and do all the wonderful miracles that Dandelions do for our bodies, it needs to be made an invasive nasty weed to be removed for the beauty of our yards.   And people innocently fell for it.   Like Cannabis, which was renamed a dangerous sounding name Marajauna so people would not use it when it also has wonderful healing properties when leaves are ground up and used.  
Because we have such an abundant crop now, let’s use the leaves in our salads and simmered in with our spinach.    Grab a few yellow blossoms and wash off, pop in our mouth and eat.  They are so sweet.  My mother used to make brownies and chocolate frosting on cakes and topped them with the yellow dandelion blossoms, it was so beautiful and we loved eating them.    
My mother also gave my children their own basket to go out and collect the yellow blossoms and she gave them so much per basket.  She washed them and put them in the freezer. just till they started to freeze  Then we’d float some in our iced tea or eat partially frozen.   She would blend up the extra blossoms and freeze them, add to salads and vegetables while cooking. 
And Soil is an antidepressant, so get your hands down in the dirt to pull up some of those dandelion roots which can be scraped off like you do carrots, and simmer with carrots for a nice vegetable meal.   
Before you move on to the Dandelion reports, this is a follow up informational message for you to read regarding the Apeel plastic coating being put on produce and fruits.    NO NEED TO WRAP OUR PRODUCE OR FRUITS IN PLASTIC, rubs petroleum off onto the product and then cover them with a spray on chemical plastic covering so thick it can’t be washed or cut off.    Be wise ;   I do not even put my produce in the plastic bags at the produce center.  I take small cloth bags and put my produce in these bags, the clerk can pull one out to scan a code and I tell her how many I have in the bag.    BE WISE 
Wash your fruit and produce in Hydrogen Peroxide/water or baking soda to remove pesticides, germs etc 
Once a week for 20 minutes, sit and soak in a hot tub that contains a handful of sea salt, 10 drops of lavender essential oil and half cup of  baking soda, also you could add half a cup of Epsom salt.  This combo draws out toxins, lowers stress-related hormones and balances your pH levels.   Be sure to rinse off completely, preferably get into a warm shower to rinse off.  You may feel tired, so best to do before bedtime and wrap up in bed cozy and sleep well.   This removes toxins, pesticides, bacteria, germs, skin contamination etc from our bodies.    Showering is a quick clean, but tub bathing is critical for true cleansing.   We can remove old dead skin cells that collect on skin and showering doesn’t always remove.  This allows new skin cell growth and a younger appearance.  
Because there is such marvelous videos on Dandelion uses, I decided to send you the reports this way so you can view the videos at your leisure rather than transcribe them for you.
Enjoy your Dandelions.  Soon you will be having a garden section of Dandelions and be taking the white fluffy seed tops and rubbing seeds into the soil or turning them upside down in the soil to grow more.   They can continue growing all season long.  Even if you don’t get the blossoms after a while, you still will have the leaves. 
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