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July 30,2022 (Saturday)
Welcome to the Health and wellness Newsletter.
The one part of our body we have never concentrated on is our teeth.   They are critical to our good health.
Do you understand that your teeth are actually alive ?
 What I’m going to share with you today is ways of taking care of your teeth, learning how your teeth are able to heal themselves, … their natural system for self-care and how we enhance that, how to maintain the good quality of your teeth, how to bring low quality teeth back up to high quality, how to repair cavities, cracks, breaks, information on wisdom teeth, gum health and information about root canals and some of the effects of things we need to be aware with modern dentistry so that we can make great decisions.
Often, we’ve imagined teeth to be more like a stone, that if they get a crack, they’re broken, you need to fix them with glue or throw them away. That isn’t the case.
Take a good look at your teeth, roll your tongue around your teeth like you’re meeting your teeth for the first time.
You’ll be really surprised by all the different angles and points of your tooth that you never noticed before and then, after you’ve cleaned them, you will also notice that your teeth have never felt so clean, because you’ve literally scraped them, each one, very, very clean.
Now,  teeth love pressure. Pressure strengthens the tooth. It enlivens it. It brings circulation. The teeth love pressure. Imagine that, in each tooth, there are literally miles of tiny tubes. That’s what makes up the inside of your tooth. Right behind the enamel, the matrix of the tooth, each tooth has literally miles of microscopic tubing and in that flow fluids of the body. Many things can’t get in there, but nutrition can. It stimulates and strengthens the teeth to give them pressure. Pressure is a very important part of tooth health, so, when scrubbing your teeth, you’re not only cleaning them, you’re invigorating them. This is an important aspect of it and It’s very important that we do more than just poke the food out from between our teeth.  Where we have to pay the most attention is, where our teeth come down to the gum line, there’s a triangle of space. That’s the place that we need to spend, pay most attention to when cleaning between our teeth. It’s not enough to poke the food out. You need the right-sized toothpick that literally scrubs the area between the teeth. That can be done by either using a commercially made wooden toothpick and being sure you’re scrubbing that triangle thoroughly, or you can use any twig, hard twig or stick that you have cut and whittled to fit to be  made for cleaning. That’s part of cleaning your teeth that needs to be done. I have noticed the dental floss has been promoted for this use, but one of the problems with dental floss is it tends to irritate the gums. When you snap down between the teeth and hit the gums, this over time tends to help cause recession and irritates the gums, cuts them a bit. This is a great alternative to that. So far, we’ve discussed examining our teeth, to watch for spots of decay, consuming horsetail and cleaning them with a stick. These are really the critical basis for maintaining good tooth health
You can purchase special wooden toothpicks with peppermint flavoring that have a flat head on one end and a pointed end on the other end.   Take the flat head part and gently use pressure rubbing the front of each tooth, then the back side of each tooth and along the bite side.  Gently rub using pressure, this stimulates the teeth and brings circulation to the teeth.
 Now, if we’re going to, in addition, use a toothbrush at that point, then we need to consider most of the time using an herbal tooth powder as opposed to a toothpaste. There’s several reasons for this. One, because the herbal tooth powders, if you make them correctly, and they’re very easy to do, and I’ll explain how to do this, they’re designed for certain characteristics of the earth. In this particular powder that I make, it contains a very strong, astringent herb, which means a plant that shrinks tissue. The very essence of astringency is that it’s also antimicrobial. No bacteria can live in that very shrinking tissue… If you covered yourself in a very shrinking substance, you wouldn’t be comfortable. The bacteria, astringency, is antimicrobial just by its nature. Also, in this tooth powder there are plants in here. It’s about half astringency.
If you prefer to begin with, you can go to a health food store, like Free Market, and purchase clay, charcoal with peppermint tooth powder.   It is very refreshing and your teeth love it.
It is best to always use a soft (very soft) tooth brush.  Never harder than soft.  Also the very best toothbrush is a charcoal toothbrush which can be bought at The GrowthNetwork on line for about $3.00.
To brush you gently (very gently) use our brush in a circular motion on the front side of each tooth.  Spend a bit of time massaging in circles on each tooth then move to the next one.   Yes this will take time, but you and your teeth deserve this attention.   When all front teeth have been circularly massaged, then place the toothbrush at the gumline and flip the toothbrush upwards across the mouth.   Then move to the back side of the teeth and do the same circular massage on the back side of each tooth.  When all the back side of the teeth have been massaged, then place the toothbrush at the gumline and flip the toothbrush upwards like you did with the front of the teeth.  Next take the toothbrush and brush the top of the bite part of the teeth.
Add more tooth powder as you work along the teeth.  This tooth powder is very healthy and healing for the teeth and our mouth.
This does take time, especially when you first begin this new process of tooth brushing, but eventually it won’t take as long.
I finish by adding new tooth powder and brushing my tongue.  These crevices collect bacteria and food.  Rinse off and you have a fresh clean mouth and happy teeth.
The tooth powder is dark green or black so I always use a towel across the front of my body and a tiny kitchen scrub brush to clean the sink from the dark colored powder liquid.
Next week we will touch on some more information with our teeth.
Now we can all have a happy smile.   Hope this made you smile too.