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Mankind has been eating grains and breads since the dawn of time .In Biblical stories surrounding the family includes often mentioning the sharing and eating of bread, working in the grain fields.    The prayer written about bread says:  Give us this day our daily bread.  
Think about this……….

Most of the flour we consume is bleached and rancid , because it sits in factories or storage for months, or even years, before we use it. Also commercial baked goods generally use refined sugars and fats. or get fried in highly toxic vegetable oils which cause aliments.
In fact, gluten found in grains is one of the most important proteins that you can consume, and it actually lowers your possibility of having diabetes due to the fiber it contains, just make sure the wheat is 10)$ organic without any chemical treatments.  
Dr Jane Ruby:   DrjanerubyRealDrJaneRuby
Dr Ruby just sent me a STAT URGENT MESSAGE:   Mystery is solved..   Gates APEEL FRUIT & PRODUCE coating is a Heavy Metal Poisoning.  5/31/23
Parasites are causing so many illnesses, in fact they are the basis of all illnesses.   It is being found in the brain, ears, nose, gut.
 Clove is an herb with potential germiciadiadial abilities.  (i.e. mosquitoes and flies hate clove smell too)   Caryophyllene is to thank for their antimicrobial properties.   What happens is that it enters one’s bloodstream and destroys not only the microscopic parasites, but also any larvae and eggs as well.    Clove oil is extremely strong so use more carefully (less than other oils)
Since Flies and Mosquitoes  hate the smell of CLoves, this proves what it does to parasites as well.  Kills fly larvae also.  Spray some clove and basil oil in a spray bottle over clothing, open skin (not eyes) when going outside fishing, gardening, kids playing, carefully over pets back, neck, down legs  to keep mosquitoes away.  Spray around windows and doorways to keep them from entering home, and spraying on countertops, over sofa, on rugs just inside the home will keep flies and mosquitoes away.

WARNING: Lice, insects, beetles etc are being put into your food and beverages    It is as very sad time to say this, AVOID ALL FOODS, CEREALS, FLOURS, BEVERAGES WITH INGREDIENTS LISTED WITH AN “E”-NUMBER.  Like E-120  This indicates that this product definitely has lice, beetles, insect or insect waste (Poop) products inside.   BE WISE AND AWARE 

We did a report on the Health Newsletter about the benefits of dandelions.  Today another report on Dandelions came out from American Media Group saying:  Killer Cancer Cells:  Dandelion Root is Able To Kill 98%  of Cancer Cells within 48 hours.  Not only that, but it actually works as a very powerful anti-inflammatory, immune booster, antioxidant and organ detoxifier  – and it is probably growing in your backyard right now.     


There is a video – American Media Group. Dandelions, also known as Taraxacum  officinale, are a type of flowering plant native to Europe, Asia and North America. The leaves and blossoms are also extremely nutritious and healthy as well.


Also another report from Dr. Dean Burk, PhD  with 34 years at the national cancer institute said “It is a truthful fact that Fluoride causes more human cancer deaths , and causes it faster, than any other chemical.   Fluoride on metal/steel can deteriorate and disintegrate the metal/steel, and it is put in our water source.    There recently has been reports where Fluoride is being reinvestigated to be removed from all human or pet use sources.