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 July- Health & Wellness Recap

Hard to believe that it is almost July, June is a bit of a blur with all the yard work we have been getting done.   But we did  have a great June Health and Wellness class..
Each month following our Health and Wellness class gatherings you will receive a RECAP email.
And, this is the first RECAP email for you.

We certainly enjoyed learning about the Bemer machine, Mike and Brenda’s testimonies and information on 4 essential oils.  Thank you Jane for the great presentation of the four oils and suggestions how and when to use them along with other oils to mix for special uses.     Jane’s complete notes are included with this RECAP email for your reference.    
There is frequency in the ground, frequency in the body and frequency in the oils we use.  We can get energy, frequency and grounding into our bodies just by walking barefoot on the earth a few minutes every day.   Grounding is very important to reset our bodies.   Also, looking at the sun just as it is starting to come up, the very first light  – and watching the sun as it goes down puts frequency in your body and resets your body clock.   .

God ordained frequency in the Bemer to get more oxygen into the cells.  Applying oils on our body before bemer treatment drives the oil frequency right into the cells of the body.

Pastor Jan  shared with us an excellent way to get the oil frequency into our cells while lying on the Bemer machine which is to put  coconut oil in a small glass jar (baby food jar, small juice glass) with 1 drop of Frankinsense oil and 1 drop of Helichrysum oil and mix together.  This combination enhances the oils into your body while on the Bemer.    Rub on back of neck, down along the spine over the back and over the chest.   And, don’t forget to drink water with some Himalayan salt added.  Do this, prior to Bemer treatment.
This coconut oil mixture is awesome to apply to our skin (all over our bodies) a couple times a day and after shower or bath.  Especially the Frankinsense in coconut oil over breasts
Pastor Jan began our Health and Wellness class  by sharing with us two wonderful  Bemer testimonies from Mike Smith and Brenda Ver Voort.After a few sessions on the Bemer, Brenda said she can feel tingling in her fingers & toes, and she feels blood flow through the body which is a very good feeling.
Brenda had muscle soreness in her entire body following landscape work with mulch.
After being on the Bemer a couple times, the muscle soreness is completely gone.

Mike had several issues he has been dealing with.   His family doctor has been rechecking lab values for diabetes and diabetic complications.  His lab values were way above the normal range and his body symptoms indicated he needed to start getting a handle on them quickly.   After two months, 5-7 times a week, on the Bemer Mike has had fabulous results, naturally.

His triglyerides in August of 2015 were 338 and on last recheck they were 163
Hemogobin A1C started at 9.8, went up to 10.1, 10.8 and increased to 12.9 with normal being 7. On last recheck the A1C lab value 8.8 .  Cholesterol level was 210 and decreased down to 126 with bad cholesterol going from 114 to 62, and good cholesterol going up from 28 to 31.  His glucose (blood sugar levels) were 380.   With combination of using the Bemer machine for two months and diet changes Mike has brought his diabetic indicators way down to near high normal ranges.   Also Mike has lost 35 pounds.   On eye exam, Mike had bleeding vessels in back of the eyes and a couple burst from elevated blood sugars and diabetes.   He is to have eye recheck in July and with the use of the Bemer along with his improving lab values, he is sure the eye recheck will show improved circulation and the blood vessels healed.
As with many diabetics, it is crucial to keep a close eye on the feet.  Mike had painful feet, loss of feeling and  numbness in his feet,  along with foot swelling and very dry & cracked skin on his feet causing some bleeding. He is getting feeling back in the feet and his feet feel much better.

A good way to check our feet is to use a hand mirror.  Upon arising each morning and at bedtime place the mirror under feet.   Examine each foot in the mirror using good lighting. Look for any red areas, sores or foot changes.   A diabetic ulcer begins much like spoiling fruit, from the inside out.   So once a person sees a sore, it already a large sore inside  at this point.  Once it opens up, inside is a huge sore which has to heal from the inside out and with poor circulatioln getting to the bottom of the feet it takes a very long time for a dibetic ulcer to close up.   Exactly the  same situation with decubitus ulcers on  peoples legs with poor circulation or on diabetic legs.   So often the only medical choice is amputation which is increasing in todays medical world.

Mike’s knees feel much better, having lost 35 pounds helped this a lot.   Back pain is much better, but still there off and on.  Mike is at level 6 on the Bemer pad for 8 minutes and just look at the awesome results he has accomplished along with returning to improved health.

Mike attributes his improved lab values, his physical body improvements and feeling much better to the Bemer machine.

If you wish to purchase your own Bemer machine contact us for more information.  Bemer offers a smaller sized Bemer machine which might be something you’d be more interested in buying.

The church has a Bemer machine here for  you to use and the cost is $10 for 8 minutes.  You can contact the church office at 766-7701 to set up appointments.   Some clinics are charging from $45 to $150 for 8 minutes when used within their clinic settings.

Pastor Jan showed us a video of the Bemer, in real time, where we saw blood flow blocked in a vessel and within 90 seconds the vessel was unblocked and opened up with full blood flow.  This was just one vessel, imagine how this is improving the entire vessel and cell system in our bodies.
 The other video Pastor Jan shared with us showed a stack of toxic cells.   With loss of oxygen to our cells they become toxic, stick together  and stack on top of each other.   After laying on the Bemer, the cells became unstacked showing how Bemer frequency oxygenated the cells..  The Bemer machine gets circulation moving so everything in the body is working optimally.
If you feel warm and tingly on the Bemer machine, that is the oxygen going into the cells and it is moving circulation around in your body.

The Bemer machine does not heal, the body heals itself.   The Bemer machine gets circulation moving so everything in the body is working optimally.

Diabetes, osteoporsis, heart disease (heart attacks, strokes) arthritis, demencia, kidney, liver, reproductive system, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, neuropathy, cognitive function, pain circulation,  just to name a few conditions,  are improved with Bemer use.

Jane presented four oils to us:  Bergamot, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Peppermint.   We will include copy of Jane’s lecture notes.   These are awesome notes for us to put in a safe file or on computer disc for quick reference.
We are reading about all the chemicals around us, in foods, in air, in landscape products  and even though we are cautious, others around and near us may not be so we are exposed daily.  And, I just was told that cotton is now being genetically modified, so perhaps any new cotton clothing, sheets, towels etc we buy may be now GMO
Often in todays busy world  we forget to appreciate the value of these oils.   Keep  your reference book handy for any condition that might arise.   It is our oil first aid book.   In the future coming times of untreatable medical epidemics, natural diseases or with the possible withdrawal of natural pharmaca or formulas, we need to keep ourselves informed with oil knowledge.   It would be wise to stock up on Frankinsense, the citrus oils, Thieves, Oregano Helichrysum and any oils you use often so we have a plentiful supply.  Enjoy reading through Jane’s notes carefully
**Antibiotic oil script:
Put in empty capsule.
2 drops Frankinscense
6 drops Oregano
12 drops Thieves

Suggested use is one capsule every 4 hours for 3 days
then one capsule every 8 hours for 4 days per Dr. Terry Friedmann, MD

If the oils do not fit in one capsule, then split it into two capsules
1 Frankincense, 3 Oregano and 6 Thieves in each of 2 capsules.
If you do not have empty capsules (which can be ordered through Young Living or at local health food store) then put the oils on a large bread cube.  Remember that these oils are strong so you may wish to follow the capsule with milk, coconut oil or olive oil to get the strong flavor out of throat.  Never follow with water as it will only spread the strong oil.
    *            *            *              *             *
**Morphiine Balm
put in empty capsule and use as often as needed for any pain
5 drops Copiaba
5  drops Frankinsense or Sacred Frankinsense
5 drops Idaho Balsam Fir
       *            *              *          *       *
** Anti-bacterial oil
for Skin infections and especially staph infection
12 drops Thieves
6  drops Oregano
2  drops Frankinsense         all of these oils will not fit into
2  drops Thyme                     one empty capsule, it may
6  drops Melalucca                take as many as 3, but it
4  drops Cinnamon Bark        is still called one dose
Take one dose every  4 hours around the clock for 3 days and
then take one dose every 8 hours for 4 days.   Be consistent and don’t miss doses.
   *            *                *              *              *                *
 The oil Helichrysum Pastor Jan spoke about using, in her coconut oil mixture, is an anticoagulant oil.  It stops bleeding immediately.   I cut a chunk out of my finger and bled heavily, I grabbed Helichrysum and dropped several oil drops on the wound, the bleeding stopped right away.   Then I put some of the oil on a gauze square and taped it to  my finger.  When I removed the tape 5 minutes later  there was no hint of blood.     It is anesthetic, antispasmodic, antiviral, liver protectant, detoxifier, stimulant, chelates chemicals and toxins, regenerates nerves.  Used for Herpes virus, arterioscleersos, atherosclerosis, hypertension, blood clots, liver disorders, circulatory disorders (why it is great to use with Bemer), exzema, psoriasis, scar tissue, varicose veins.
I only mention this oil because we don’t discuss it much and it has such marvelous properties…..
After Jane’s oil presentation, we had our general discussions which I will recap for you.
Jane discussed Eucalyptus Blue which is the best for diffusing to purify the air and for our respiratory system, as a decongestant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, great for asthma and increases blood flow.   Sometimes in the summer our homes are closed up with air-units running – and  – in winter we also have closed up homes and exposed to people  in enclosed areas more than in summer, so this is a great oil to diffuse , as is Thieves for germs..
Also, Eucalyptus Blue is an alternative to RC if you are out of RC.
Headaches – 1 drop Peppermint oil on temples and forehead. Always keeping it out of eyes.  Should oil get into eyes,place some olive oil in palm of hands and place eyes into the oil and blink several times.  You will see aura of rainbow colors, but this is the oil and normal.  It does stop the oil discomfort completely    Also good for heartburn
Plugged nose – 1 drop Lavender oil in palm of hand and twist a Q-tip in the oil and rub inside the nostrils for relief.
Hot flashes, reproductive area issues – rub Bergamot oil over stomach   Peppermint oil on bottom of feet, also for fevers and hot flashes.Acid Refux – 1 drop Digize in glass of water and drink, rub on tummy.  Also Peppermint oil works also
Pastor Jan passed out paper on Bemer water.  It has a very smooth taste because it is oxygenated water.
We should always pray over our water and food, this changes the frequency and enhances the nutrition and way our bodies use the water and food.
Bruises – Lavender oil liberally rubbed over the area.  Also great for stinging nettle itching.
Stuffy nose –  Unker’s sprayed on a paper towel section and fold the paper towel up and sniff.   It will keep the aroma all day if it is folded and kept in your pocket to be pulled out and sniff whenever needed.    Lasts longer if put in a zip lock baggie and pulled out to sniff.
Testimony of Unker’s on paper towel sheet.  While in grade school about 7 years ago,  my granddaughter had a stuffed nose and took a paper towel sheet sprayed heavily with Unker’s in her pocket to school.  She sniffed it thought out the day and offered a sniff to some of her classmates who also had stuffed up noses.
The next day my daughter said the door bell started ringing and there were kids coming by (some with their own paper towel sheet) wanting her to spray a paper towel sheet with the Unker’s.  She said it was like a string of kids coming at different times to get the spray on paper towels.  The teacher said that the class room smelled so good.
Bugs:  Lavender sprayed around area where bugs are, also Peppermint works too.    This is also good to spray on pet beds.
Sweet Sleep – spray pillowcase, area where your body will lay and top sheet edge with Lavender oil before bedtime.   Just such a relaxing aroma.
Bug bites – Thieves, Purification, Lemongrass – put 2 drops each in glass spray bottle, fill with water and add 1 drop of dish soap.   Shake and spray area.   This is also a good spray for pet beds, along door jams, thresh holds and rugs just inside the door.    I have sprayed this oil mixture into the washing machine.
Insect spray –  5 Lavender, 5 Lemongrass and 5 thyme in glass spray bottle, fill with water and add 1 drop of dish soap, shake and spray on skin, and animals back and feet, on table top or chairs where you will sit.
Cockroaches &  Brown recluse spiders – Peppermint oil
Spiders outside house – brush all webs and eggs away, then spray house with:   4 drops Peppermint oil and 2 tablespoons melted coconut oil in a plastic spray bottle, fill with water and add 3 drops of dish soap.   Spray outside of home.   It might look like it is spotted from the oil but it will disappear when it dries.  Spray liberally over cement step and door jam.
Keep flies away – 5 lemon oil and 6 purification oil in small spray bottle filled with water and 1 drop of dish soap.  Spray on body to keep flies off.
Burns – Lavender over burn.  Shake quite a few drops liberally over the burn area immediately and then keep applying to the area over and over like every few seconds for couple minutes and then more every 3-5 minutes.  Actually saturate the area heavily.
I have had some bad burns that never blistered, never opened up and never any pain.    A few times I have wondered what the patch of dry skin is from and remembered that a week before that was a burn.  It had healed that quickly.  But never apply Lavender oil if the burn is a deep degree burn.
For a deep degree burn, seek medical attention right away.  Before going for care, you could put drop some drops of dish soap all over the burn area and cover with a clean damp cloth.   This seals the burn and keeps germs out.  It is easy for the ER to just rinse the soap off and not necessary to scrape any thing put on the burn other than soap.
Always good to get use to carrying Lavender and Peppermint in your pockets or purse, and always have  them in the car.  I also have orange, lime and lemon in the car also.   Lemon great for scraping off sticky gummy substances.  Lemon, lime and orange great to add to water at restaurants if they use glassware, if plastic ware then I put a couple drops in my mouth and drink the water.
Spearmint is awesome in water and so refreshing and cooling.  It curbs coffee cravings.   Imagine on a hot day pouring glass of water, little bit of ice with spearmint oil stirred in and adding some spearmint leaves . wow…….  summer relief
I shake a couple drops of Spearmint oil inside of the wash machine before washing clothes, and I shake about 4 drops of Spearmint oil inside the dryer drum before I fill with clothes to be dried.  The sweet spearmint smell is invigorating and lasts quite a while.  Great on sheets and pillow cases.
A great body lotion for our skin is Young Livings Animal Scents Ointment and Tender Tush mixed together.  Just mix the two together and apply to your body.   It might be easier to mix the two combinations together in another container when you first get a new Animal Scents Ointment container as it is filled up to the top and difficult to mix till used up a bit.   Tender Tush is for tender baby behinds and it is a blue color, but mixed with the animal scent ointment you will get the most wonderful soft skin ever.   Especially on elbows, feet, hands, arms, legs and face.   Absolutely awesome on the face, neck and chest.  You will feel like you have been at an expensive spa.
Keisha shared with us that she had some discomfort from a cavity which the dentist was unable to work on while she is pregnant, so the dentist applied zinc oxide and Clove oil.   Her husband, Steve, had some dental discomfort and was given clove oil to take the pain away, and it worked well.
Clove oil is awesome to diffuse
Clove oil is 40% stronger than an Aspirin equivalent with very similar anti-inflammatory properties.
Clove has been researched as a potential chemopreventative agent for lung cancer – and – for cancer prevention oils recommended are:  Clove, Frankinsense, balsam fir and copaiba combined, and Myrrah gum has ability to combat various cancers including breast cancer.
Copaiba oil is an enhancing oil, when applied on top of any oil you use, it doubles the strength of the first oil/oils applied.   Like a double strength oil
Jane shared story of lady who picked up a fungus on her skin which attracted bugs  and eggs were laid and hatched on skin and hair.   Using chemical medications suppressed the bugs but they were still there.   She used stopped all other medications and changed to Melrose oil,  Helichrysum. Lavender and Immupower and the bugs are almost gone.
Pastor Jan was picking blackberries up north when she got into a bee nest.  They stung her under her eye glasses.  She applied oils right away and had no swelling.
Pat got stung by a bee while smelling a flower and Kristine ran to a  nearby restaurant and asked the chef if he had any Basil.  He gave her some and Kristine crushed it and put it up into Pat’s nose which took pain and swelling away.   Good reason to always carry oils in your pockets.
Pastor Jan’s husband had precancerous areas on his face and was using Lavender on this area.   Since he’s been using the Bemer machine  his face is clear now.  It oxygenated the cells
Jane shared a Chiropractic experience with us.  Her husband went to be examined for arthritis in his neck and a bulging disc.  The doc told him that he would try to help him, but he really felt he would need an MRI and to be seen by a neurosurgeon.  Also her husband was told to see his family doctor and get a prescription for steroids as the neurologist will want him on steroids.   On recheck he asked if they got the steroids and her husband said, no she wouldn’t let me, she doesn’t believe in them.  Jane told the doc that she uses essential oils.  And told doc that she had given her husband the  Morphine Balm which was all essential oils and his pain was much better.    On the next recheck he told Jane to keep using the essential oils as her husband seemed to be doing so much better with pain control.    The chiropractor had sniffles and Jane told him he needed to take care of that.   The doc told her that it was allergies and he would figure it out.   Jane told him he needed to use essential oils like Lavender, lemon  and peppermint which are good for allergies.  Doc told Jane to mix some up and he’d pay her for it.    Jane told him she had some Thieves spray buy he didn’t want her to spray his palms as he had other patients to see and the smell  might be too much for them.  So Jane sprayed some in his mouth.   He said he liked the taste and he could taste the Cloves.   The next recheck they had, the sniffles were gone and he felt better and said it must have been the spray you gave me.  Jane gave him a bottle of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint, along with print outsa of information for him to read.  He said it’s not that he didn’t believe in the oils, he just didn’t have the time to learn about oils.  Jane was so glad that he was open to learning about the oils and that she could teach him.
Now for “After Thoughts” area.
A while ago Amy was teaching about the importance of the minerals in Himalayan salt  and suggested we keep a couple tablespoons of the salt in a water jar/container on counter and sip the salt water off and on during the day.   (shake it up and drink)    I put a pint jar next to the stove so I could grab it when standing and cooking.   One night I decided to add some of the water to a pot with fresh green beans and cooked the vegetables in this salt water.   Oh my, the beans were delicious and the salt infused through the entire beans.   I now add salt water to every vegetable, rice or potatoes I cook and it really enhances the flavor of food.
Thank you Jane again for the marvelous presentation, we appreciate it and the time you have spent in research of the oils .
We will see you soon for our July Health and Wellness class  when we will have a very educational DVD with Rubin Jordan ” God’s Perfect Plan for your Perfect Health” , along with more information from Pastor Jan on the Bemer.    We really need to see this DVD as it will be a huge benefit for our future health and wellness.
I would like to encourage you to bring 2 or 3 friends, family or neighbors with you to each class.   We need to reach out and get more people trained on the oils and how to keep our families healthy and well in the upcoming changes in our world.
Remember, God created our bodies to heal themselves, we just need the knowledge of how to give the body a boost to heal itself.